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Translation Services for Medical Products

English-Turkish translation services for documents of various medical products

Many diagnostic and research products for human and animal health used in Turkey are imported. In order to be marketed in Turkey, those products’ various documents such as IFUs, user manuals and data sheets are required by law to be in Turkish, hence, the original documents should be translated in Turkish. You can have brief information about the related regulations on regulations page. In this regard, I provide translation and related services. Please view the main topics to have details.

Translation Services

English-Turkish translation services for any kind of document in the fields of medicine, veterinary, biotechnology and life sciences. Read more…

Formatting and Designing

Formatting and arranging the translated file in accordance with the original document and/or adding new elements and designs. Read more…

Video and Subtitle

Adding subtitle translations to videos and rearranging the videos as needed. Read more…

Translation and Formatting Examples

You can view some examples of my previous works below.

Who I am

I am a biologist. I worked as Technical Support Specialist for 4 years and as R&D Specialist for 8 years in two different companies which manufactured and/or distributed various IVD products and laboratory products. I have been translating relevant documents for a longer time as an extra job. I have a certificate for competency to prepare Material Safety Data Sheets. I am also an enthusiast and user of Linux and open source software.

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